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A sustainable hotel provides a haven of clean air, fresh colors and 101 modern guestrooms.  Each private room features a smart floor plan and large operable windows overlooking the striking green wall across the open atrium space. Not only does the full height green wall add visual interest, it also acts to passively purify the air. Atop the atrium, operable skylights will passively ventilate all of the public areas.

Air purification at the hotel is not limited to the interior; a living façade and a green roof will work to purify the macro environment, and combat urban heat gain.

A major resource drain in the hospitality industry is water use. By storing and recycling gray water, the hotel will minimize environmental impact while offering an easy, comfortable experience for guests. Low flow plumbing fixtures will limit potable water use and manage waste.

Also contributing to the indoor air quality within the hotel are low-VOC, sustainable fabrics and finishes. Comprehensive energy management controls will ensure hotel operators have the tools they need to regulate, manage and minimize energy use.

Guestrooms are designed to maximize the use of space and minimize each guest’s carbon footprint. Luxury is delivered in efficient, functional guestroom ‘pods’.  The interplay between the atrium and the guestrooms allows natural daylight to stream into each guestroom and the main lobby space, providing a truly pleasant indoor experience for all guests simultaneously.

This project has been featured in Hospitality Design Magazine.